Agrovet Global was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between small farmers in India and buyers worldwide looking for high-quality organic and natural goods. We are the suppliers of non-GMO based agricultural products such as Grains, Oil, Seeds, Pulses and much more. We have a vast variety of products including but not limited to food and feed products, fresh teas, herbs and spices and much more.

With the help of our strong import and export network and high-quality products, we have established a significant global customer base. We have strong relationships with local farmers which enables us to source high quality products directly. Quality is our utmost priority and is very essential to us. We are regularly in touch with our farmers throughout the growing season, which allows us to keep strict checks on quality.

We understand that not everyone is looking to buy Organic products which is why we also deal in Inorganic materials. We ensure that all our products meet compliance with international quality and certification standards.

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