Agrovet offer nutrient-rich animal feed, which is produced organically. With naturally produced animal feed, we help breeders and farmers keep their livestock healthy while realizing their maximum production capacity, which helps in better production and ROI.

Our animal feed is produced organically to protect its natural components and nutrients. Our cost-effective feeding solutions help farmers to access high-quality animal feed without expanding their budgets. Agrovet also offer complete import and export support and organic work support for clients worldwide. Check out our collection of animal feed below.


Soybean Meal

Specification Basic Grade Premium Grade Hy – Pro Grade
Protein 44-46% Min. 48% Min 50% Min
Sand & Silica 2.5% Max 1.5% Max 5% Max
Moisture 12% Max. 11% Max 11% Max
Fibre 6% Max 5% Max. 4% Max
Packing 50 Kg. PP Bags / Bulk/ as per customers requirement 50 Kg PP Bags / Bulk/ as per customers requirement 50 Kg PP Bags / Bulk /as per customers requirement

Cotton Meal

Particulars Tentative Results
Items Contents
Protein 20-22%
Fibre 12-14% Max
Moisture 12% Max
Sand & silica 2.5% max.

Rapeseed Meal

Particulars Tentative Results
Moisture 13% max
Protein 34% – 37%
Oil Content 1% max.
Sand & Silica 1% max.
Crude Fibre 5% min
Free from Live or dead insects weevils, mould, lumps or any bad odours

Other animal feed products